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Depression – The Disease of 21 Century

Depression is a severe illness, not only an affected person suffers from it but his loved ones as well. Stressful situations often lead to this mental disorder. Depression is easily confused with low mood or peculiarities of one’s character. In order to stop the development of depression, it is essential to be aware of this illness. Each person may trigger depression. Demands of modern society influence people. Human beings want to obtain better results in everything. If a person fails every time, he will consider that he is hopeless and helpless, thus depression appears. The death of a close one, divorce, serious illness may provoke depression. In rare cases, depression occurs without any reason. Specialists suggest that peculiarities of biochemical processes play an important role, for example, exchange of neurotransmitters (serotonin, norepinephrine, etc). Emotional symptoms of depression are various. An affected person often feels anxiety and has low self-esteem. Constant tiredness and sadness go along with this serious disease. Loss of interest in everything occurs. Behavioral changes may be noticed.

This mental disorder may be recognized if there are problems with concentration. A sociable and cheerful person with depression escape from any contact with friends, loved ones. Alcohol and drug addiction is a result of prolonged and untreated depression. People who suffer from depression think differently. Depression provokes only unhealthy thoughts. A person deems that he is hopeless, helpless and a burden for close ones. There are somatic symptoms as well. People suffering from depression have difficulties with sleep. Affected people refuse to eat or they eat too much. The person with depression may complain of pains in different parts of the body, constipation, diarrhea. Very often the affected person has problems with sex. Depression may lead to alcoholism or drug addiction or vice versa.

Alcohol and drugs provoke temporary good mood. Social phobias may cause depression, suicidal thoughts appear. First of all, it is possible and necessary to fight this mental disorder. The depressed people rarely go to the doctor on their own, so close people should help and convince to seek professional help. It is desirable to read about how to help someone with depression because some actions may make the situation worse. The depressed person may blame himself and loved ones should not allow him to do that. You are able to fight depression together. Depression can torment your loved one for many years. Psychotherapy and medication are the most efficient methods to defeat this mental disorder, especially if they are used in combination.

Drugs for depression (antidepressants) are selected for each patient and are taken for several months. Psychotherapy helps depressed people change attitude towards life. People suffering from depression should share their feeling and thoughts with a doctor so he will be able to help fight this mental disorder. Techniques of self-help are a true way of preventing depression. Each person should maintain healthy lifestyle, do physical exercises regularly, have a rest after work, then depression won’t be so terrifying!

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